Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dreams about cables

Last week was a week full of cables that needed to be untangled in Hyytiälä. We spent so much time untangling hundreds of meters of cables that I started to have dreams where I was in the middle of a huge cable mess...

What we were doing was setting up the PASTiS57 experiment together with INRA to monitor changes in boreal LAI from August to October (or November). The new instrument, PASTiS57, is an autonomous ground system with photodiodes facing 57° towards North in the blue spectral domain. The data will be used for phenology modeling and validation of biophysical satellite products. It is a pilot study, at least in the cold and wet conditions of the boreal zone, but we do hope to get an idea of how useful the system could be at our study sites.

Field work ....

... and 'office work'

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