Friday, June 4, 2010

Field campaigns are here again!

This year we are putting a big effort on measuring the seasonal changes of boreal forests. Our new research assistants, Titta and Anu, started their 5-month research tasks in the beginning of May. They will measure leaf area index and understory spectra every two weeks for different types of forests until the end of September. It will be a truly unique data set: to our knowledge similar experiments have not yet been carried out even though the data is crucially needed for developing methods to monitor the phenological cycles of forests using satellite images.

In May, we also said goodbye to our visiting member, Petr, when his 8-month stay in Helsinki was over. His visit was very fruitful: we co-authored two journal papers and one conference paper, and are planning on writing a fourth paper!

My next task is to prepare for the WHISPERS conference in mid-June in Iceland.

Setting up a reference sensor in one of the Hyytiälä towers.

Problems with the spectrometer?

Typical LAI-2000 measurements...

Measuring the understory spectra of lichen-dominated forest floors.

First lesson in fish-eye photography.

Material excitement with a new hemispherical camera.

First lesson with the ASD Fieldspec.

Setting up the LAI-2000 reference in an open field.

Good bye, Petr! We enjoyed our "last lunch" together in Savu.