Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Coffee & Cake Ceremony

Yesterday it was once again time for one of our group's traditions: the coffee and cake ceremony. The ceremony takes place every time one of us publishes a paper: the first author takes all the members of the group (who are in town) as well as the co-authors to a café to enjoy a piece of cake and coffee. The ceremony has been extended to cover also other situations: it's called the coffee&cake&cognac ceremony when we receive scientific awards or funding (or something like that) and it's the dinner&wine ceremony when something Really Big happens.

Yesterday, it was Pola's turn (she published a paper), and she took us (Janne, Matti and me) to Fazer in the afternoon. For me it meant a very short day at work since I gave a lecture in the morning and had to prepare the following day's lecture in basically no time before rushing downtown to the café...

While enjoying the cakes we had our daily chance to catch up on all the more or less scientific gossip. Who's done what, who's heard what...

Chilli-chocolate cake - excellent!

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